Is Your Brand the Favorite or Go-To?

There is a lot of work to do to make a brand stand out in the market. The positioning of an enterprise is the central element that guarantees its permanence against the competition, so in this opportunity, we invite you to discover how to make your brand the favorite?

Brand Building and Brand Recognition, You want to be a favorite

Nowadays, companies compete in different spaces, they do not only depend on publications in social networks or in the conventional market. Brands strive to make a place for themselves in the minds of their consumers, this concept is fundamental to brand positioning.

What does brand positioning refer to?

Positioning is the commercial strategy that aims to achieve that a brand occupies a distinctive place in relation to the competition, in the minds of consumers.

The brand must identify its attributes and the benefits it will offer to consumers. If your offer is already on the market, it is very likely that this place is already occupied. You have to offer something that makes you stand out from the rest, to be successful, it is necessary that the company has an image and a unique identification.

Do you know what Brand Lovemarks are?

A Brand Lovemark is considered as brands with charisma, they are characterized by attention to their audience and generating emotional connection. It puts brands on a higher level than anyone else.

Keys to be the Favorite Brand

Each company develops strategies that it deems appropriate to reach its consumers. There are many factors that come into play in the process of achieving that goal, even knowing that they have a larger number of competitors.

Without a doubt, the development of a specific marketing plan will make your brand stand out among all the available options. Such a plan must generate an emotional connection with consumers and take care to highlight the attributes.

The basis for consolidating as a favorite brand is to locate who your audience is and what motivates them to buy it several times. And afterwards, create and send the right content.

In addition, the brand has to reward loyalty, be grateful and not neglect its customers.

Associate your brand with a style

Being able to represent an attitude and lifestyle can make your brand a reference to a specific industry. When you become a benchmark in your sector, you have the formula. Positioning makes it easier to position yourself in the minds and hearts of customers.

Believe in your brand potential

To start, you have to believe in your brand, so that others believe in your brand and trust you. Sometimes your brand has become vulnerable to show that you care or you’re not just focused on revenue. Often companies just focus on selling without having something that sets them apart from the rest.

Awaken Emotions

There is an area shoppers who prefer to make their purchases at the physical location. However, they can browse their social networks, websites, and ads in search of deals and form an opinion or notion to buy. To persuade the buyer to purchase now can be tricky. But with the branding, you can heighten their awareness and persuade them to purchase without hesitation.

It is not just the need that drives the consumer to buy, but the desire or the palate also plays a part in the action that leads them to make the purchase. You must motivate them or stir the emotions of buyers.

Link your Brand to Personal Challenges

Favorite brands have to be inspiring. If you succeed in linking the brand to the customer, they will marry themselves to your brand because of the relation. Therefore, you will find it easier to connect and communicate with the consumer. They will then identify and support your brand.

The Importance of After-Sales Service

If the customer has already purchased, this is not to say that you have a lifetime customer. On the contrary, the brand should strive to stay in touch with its consumers and potential public, even after purchasing or browsing your offers.

Ask if they’re satisfied via surveys and send additional information, without overwhelming them with loads of emails. But keep them in the loop on sales, freebies, tips, and new products. When communicating with your audience, ensure you are providing relevant information that consumers can and will use. In other words, be intentional, not immense. You will find the cadence of your audience through communication.

Omni-channel strategy

Do not lose sight of the brand’s core audience. The audience should drive decision making, marketing strategy, and overall business mission. Although, you may introduce new products and services, this group will still expect to be catered to. Remember, they will support as long as they are receiving the core values the brand started with.

Now, with a variety of tastes, needs and desires, the business can have a bigger predilection for some other channels. The more options the brand offers, the higher the likelihood of completing transactions. Communication varies from audience to audience and consumer to consumer. It is the brand’s responsibility to broaden it’s channel options for a broader audience.

Omni-channel strategies are used in marketing to offer a unique experience through offline and online communication channels. In other words, all channels cooperate with each other. Brand representation should not change from channel to channel.

Acquire Social Commitments

Businesses that have social projects to help the underprivileged, gain public respect through many years of sustained social support. But do not jump into the arena of community partnerships haphazardly. When you commit, commit. Always select a social project that aligns with your core beliefs and values.


A personalized marketing strategy creates a link between brand and customer that additionally achieves notoriety, virality, and vitality. There are many examples of brands that used it, such as Coca-Cola and Nutella. Coca-Cola had a successful campaign with their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. The brand printed labels with names on the label. The true premise was to share a Coke with said name but most simply wanted a bottle with their name on it. Truly a frenzy personalized marketing campaign that evoked happy, feel good moments for the consumer.

These brands allowed the public to personalize or select the packaging of their products with their names. Starbuck’s, for its part, by simply writing the names on the customers’ drinks, has gained a lot of popularity. So much popularity, other brands are mimicking the idea.

Exceeding Expectations

To stand out, you have to surprise and exceed the public’s expectations. The brand does this in order to make consumers fall in love and turn them into lifelong customers. It is worth noting that Royal Dutch Airline KLM was one of the first brands to use the potential of social networks to surprise and amaze its customers. The campaign was called ‘KLM Surprise’ in which the airline surprised passengers with personalized messages from loved ones. Can you imagine how many consumers made KLM a ‘favorite’ after that ‘surprise’ campaign?

Understand that being a favorite brand is not an easy task and it is not a matter of a few days. It can only be achieved through consistency and taking care of the details.

Nowadays customers are more demanding and expect the brand to have a purpose. Or shall we say, a mission beyond production. It is not enough to have product availability in large quantities (unless your competitor has none).

Keep in mind to be a different, attractive, or innovative brand isn’t the going to make you the favorite brands. A brand must be able to make the consumer fall in love with it, to include the mission, the offers, and the services. To survive in this voracious competition, you have to create loyalty beyond reasoning.

Research your competitors

Researching your competitors will help you find what sets you apart from the rest. Just as you researched your audience, spend time understanding what your competition is doing and improving on it. You may not be the first one off the block, but with research, time, and effort you can become the ‘favorite’.

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